Pannatti as Arammana

In the Sutta Pitaka, ‘nama’ and ‘rupa’ arammana are well-known. However, arammana called ‘pannatti’ is mentioned in abhidhamma.

  1. Is there any place in suutas where pannatti arammana is mentioned.
  2. What about counterpart sign or patibhaga nimitta. Is it a pannatti or a kind of rupa arammana.

If I might make a few notes here.

Yes, nāma and -rūpa_ are well known in the suttas. But they are not called ārammaṇa, and indeed that word is not used in such a technical sense in the suttas at all; it’s purely an Abhidhamma term. In the suttas, ārammaṇa means “support”.

The word paññatti is found quite widely in the suttas, here are some references:ññatti

It’s not called paṭibhāga, or indeed nimitta in the suttas; again, that is solely a later usage. However we do commonly find the term rūpa used in the sense, for the “visions” seen in meditation. In addition, words like āloka, pabhassara, etc. are used for the “light” in meditation.

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Thank you very much Bhante.