Parallel between DN16 and AN4.118

Venerable friends @vimala and @sujato

There is a direct parallel between DN16 and AN4.118. The two relevant passages are found in the links below:

DN16 5.6.8: SuttaCentral


AN4.118: SuttaCentral

I don’t think this is yet listed on either side.

Hope it helps.



Thanks so much! Will have a look.


Well, I had a look and indeed it is a parallel. For my own amusement I also looked at our data in our new database for computer-generated parallels here: GitHub - ayya-vimala/Buddhanexus-data-pali to see if there are any other likely parallels of this passage and although certain parts appear in many other suttas, there does not seem to be any other one that is such a good match.

The only problem I have right now is that the pali DN suttas do not work on SuttaCentral so I cannot retrieve the paragraph numbers for the parallels. Bhante @Sujato, can you let me know what is going on here?

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Yes, there are a few part of DN16 which read very similarly to other smaller suttas within the AN!

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