Parallel between Ma-L Jentāka-pratisaṁyuktaṁ and Ma 摩訶僧祇律 比丘尼跋渠 三十三 with Pāli Bhikkhunikkhandhaka Tatiyabhāṇavāro 436,3

Noticed this parallel today:

Pali: SuttaCentral in the Tatiyabhāṇavāro (in the third case of section 436 per the CST numbering)

is parallel with Prakrit: SuttaCentral
and Chinese: SuttaCentral

Currently only the parallels between the latter two are listed.

I feel it is likely that there may be more parallels in the other texts of this type in Chinese, but have not checked myself yet. Sharing this for now.

Much mettā to all you brave “souls”