Parisā Sutta AN 3.95 AN i 242

Dear friends,

I look at the Sutta in, probably there was a mistake in numbering.
According to access to insight, look at the link below:
AN I_utf8

so it should be A.i.243 not 242.

Please take a look again, I am not sure which number is the correct one.

Thank you very much,

With Metta,
B. Nyanabhadra


Dear Ven,

Thanks for the feedback.

Checking this, it turns out the sutta begins near the bottom of the page in the PTS edition, which you can see here:

Our numbering system notes the place that the sutta starts, which is indeed page 242, even though the bulk of the text is on page 243.


Dear Bhante,

Thank you very much for your prompt replied.
Now it is clear for me, so the sutta begins on page 242, and I re-translated an excerpt from page 243.
So, even though the quotation is on page 243, but when we mention the sutta, then we still need to use A.i.242, do you think this is acceptable or common?

Thank you once again for your time and advice.

With metta,
B. Nyanabhadra