Passing away of Ven Gnanadipa thero Sept 11,2020

Passed away after living as a reclusive forest monk in Sri Lanka for over 50 years.

An article about him:


:anjal: May he attain nibbāna! (thanks for the fascinating article about him too in the link).



The link would be more fitting to share had the Venerable been alive.

:candle: He was a very inspiring reclusive.

One of his inspiration was the late Ñāṇavimala, another inspiring and impressive reclusive monk who was very much a follower of the suttas. He wrote some memories of his encounter with him:

(This article was part of a series of recollections compiled by Ānandajoti Bhikkhu, including some recollections by Ajahn Brahm and Bhikkhu Bodhi)


his brothers are out there now, somewhere.
a few sisters too


Ajahn Nissarano, who also lived in Sri Lanka , mentions the Ven. Thero in this clip…

( Around the 24:00 min spot)


Thanks Bhante :anjal:

In a community, letting us know about the passing away of senior members is a way of honoring them. The Venerable was indeed a senior in terms of age, being a monastic, and the number of years he lived as a monk. Sharing information about the deceased is useful as not every member of the community knows who the venerable was.

I came across the link shared by the OP while ago, and i found it really inspiring. I just fail to see it as “essential” in this particular context.

My intention was to show the venerable the respect he deserves. Sharing third party opinions about our seniors, even if positive, might not be the best way.

I apologize if my input came across as disagreeable. This was not my intention.

Best Regards,
Bundokji :anjal:


I first met Ven. Ñānadīpa in Thailand soon after I ordained in 1977. When I moved to Sri Lanka in 1979, I had regular contact with him. His love of forest solitude & Pāli verse had a strong influence on how I lived my monk life (I disrobed in 1994 due to chronic ill health).

Video of his last days & cremation

His partial translation of the Sutta Nipāta


Thank you kindly @pitakele for the links and sharing your experience knowing him :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:.

I look forward to reading his translation. Clearly he was ( and still is) much venerated, respected and admired by many for his practice and devotion to the Path.
Ajahn Nissarano from Newbury Buddhist Monastery also dedicated a talk in the Ven.’s memory on Sunday


Thank you so much @pitakele for your post and these links. His partial translation of the Snp is my favorite Dhamma book (and I think the best Snp translation available) but I didn’t even know his name (just that he was a very reclusive monk in Sri Lanka). I am grateful to be able to read a bit about him and his remarkable and inspiring life. :dharmawheel::pray:t3:


Ven. Guttaseela talking about Ven. Nanadipa.


Beautiful and inspiring :pray:

Many thanks for posting :pray:


A video clip of the funeral of the Ven Nanadipa Mahathera.

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