Patimokkhas, stateful URLs, and other updates

We’ve been steadily making updates for SC, pushing them out every week or so. We should have a better mechanism for alerting people, but O well. That’ll be in a future update!

You can always check the Changelog:

And current ongoing progress is tracked here. Many of the changes are regular bugfixes and updates.

Meanwhile, here are some recent changes that you might notice.


The patimokkha texts are one of those slightly unusual cases: it’s convenient to present each patimokkha as one text, however the parallels are per rule, so there are over ten thousand parallels for each patimokkha. So we can’t present all the parallels at once.

When we changed our navigation system to the current card-and-breadcrumbs approach, we hadn’t got around to working out how to handle the patimokkhas. The old sidebar system had a method, but it was a bit clunky. Anyhoo, now we have the patimokkhas back, and have separated out the text from the parallels.

We still don’t have translations, though, someone should get on to that!

stateful URLs

Each sutta, especially the segmented ones, can exist in a variety of different states for the user: root and translation, side by side, and so on. Previously there was no way to share such a state, so if you were looking at, say, the English translation of a text next to the Pali, you couldn’t ensure that someone else would see the same thing.

To solve this we’ve added optional parameters to the URL, which define the state of a text.

For example:

Now if you open this, you should see exactly what I see!

Since the new parameters are optional, old style URLs will work just fine.

So far this only applies to text pages, we’ll do a similar thing for parallels at some stage.

parallels table view

This one has been around a while, but in case you missed it, you can now see our parallels in table form. This lets you have a dense and cryptic view of thousands of IDs all at once! I mean, if that’s your thing, who am I to judge?

You can toggle this on the toolbar when viewing parallels.


I had just noticed this! Wonderful.

Thank you to you and the whole team!