Per a discussion of the Paccekabuddha elsewhere

Per a discussion of the Paccekabuddha I found elsewhere see: [Per a discussion of the Paccekabuddha elsewhere](https://Per a discussion of the Paccekabuddha elsewhere)

When the english word “fame” is used in reference to the Buddha not wanting “fame” is this “fame” a translation of the word “Praise” as is part of the pair of words “Praise and Blame”? Not being a media society I suspect a word of mouth reputation.

Yes, in both cases the word is yasa.

Māhaṃ, nāgita, yasena samāgamaṃ, mā ca mayā yaso.

“Let me never come upon fame, Nāgita, and may fame never catch up with me.”

Tathābhūto kho ayaṃ lokasannivāso tathābhūto ayaṃ atta­bhāva­paṭi­lābho yathābhūte lokasannivāse yathābhūte atta­bhāva­paṭi­lābhe aṭṭha lokadhammā lokaṃ anu­pari­vattanti loko ca aṭṭha lokadhamme anuparivattati—lābho ca, alābho ca, yaso ca, ayaso ca, nindā ca, pasaṃsā ca, sukhañca, dukkhañcā’ti.

“Human life in the world is of such a nature that the eight worldly conditions revolve around the world, and the world revolves around these eight worldly conditions, namely, gain and loss, disrepute and fame, blame and praise, and pleasure and pain.”


Thank you. It is easy for me to read Fame and think Celebrity and all that implies. Praise is more limited to one on one.