Permission to translate Bhante Sujato's books into russian

Dear Venerable @sujato, I’ve enjoyed reading your books, learning your understanding of Dhamma-Vinaya and meditation approach. Your teachings resonate with me strongly.
English is my second language and my mother tongue is russian. While reading several times a thought of translation came to me.
I understand it is a serious delicate job, and I’m not a professional, however that’s not something completely new to me.
So I would like to kindly ask your permission to translate A Swift Pair of Messengers.
And maybe somebody else here has anything to say about it?


If you wanted a smaller project to start with, It would be amazing to have Bhante’s introductory articles here on the website translated into Russian. For example, Introduction to SuttaCentral, Guide to the Sutta Pitaka, etc.

It’s only a friendly suggestion. I don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm for translating Swift Pair of Messengers.

Bhante @Sujato is, of course, the one to talk to.


Bhantr Sujato is the one to talk to, but he also doesn’t believe in copyright - so I think you are free to go ahead!


Hi Timtim, thanks for asking so nicely!

I’d be honored if you want to translate any of my work. Please go ahead, Let us know what you come up with.


Bhante @sujato, thank you :slight_smile: :pray:
Do you have any kind of source? Or my best option is to extract the text from pdf?

@Snowbird, that’s also a great idea, thank you, it doesn’t dampen enthusiasm at all :slight_smile:
They don’t seem to be very large, I think I can do that, it won’t take too much time.
Do I do them plain text or html? Should we discuss it in direct messages?

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There are two ways to translate (non-sutta/sutra) pages on the SuttaCentral website. One is using the Bilara computer assisted translation software written for SuttaCentral. It’s the same system used for translating suttas that can be viewed side by side with the Pali. However, the features of that software really won’t be much use for translating non-sutta pages. If you like we can get you set up on that, but honestly I don’t think that is the best way to go for these texts.

So another method is for me to generate a spreadsheet that has the original English and a Google Translate version into Russian to give you a head start.

Here is such a document for the introduction page

The first column you ignore. Second is what is on the English page. Third is the Google translate into Russian which you can either fix or replace completely at your discretion.

If you enjoy doing this I am happy to generate a spread sheet for each page as you like.


Here you go. (264.0 KB)

This gives you two options for source files.

  • Use .tex if you know LaTeX and are wanting to make a print book.
  • Otherwise use the HTML file. You should be able to open it directly in a word processor.

I’m guessing, Bhante @sujato, that you don’t really care about the html file at this point, but the html is a little wacky. E.g.

<p class="num"><p class="num"><span class="quo">‘</span>When my husband, who had passed away and re-arisen in a spirit world, revealed himself to me in his old form, I know of no change in my mind on that account…</p>

<p class="num"><p class="num"><span class="quo">‘</span>Since I was a maiden brought to my youthful husband, I know of no transgression against him in thought, how then in body?…</p>

Which results in this problem with the paragraph numbering:


Yikes, thanks, I have updated the files above.


That’s awesome! LaTeX is the best option :slight_smile:
Sādhu sādhu sādhu!

@Snowbird I have sent you a direct message regarding translation of SuttaCentral articles