Petakopadesa (Pitaka disclosure)


Yes, bhante. It’s a Pali text publication and translation foundation, founded in 1973, based at Wat Saket in Bangkok, and formerly sponsored by the late King and now by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Its editors and translators are mostly Thai mae chees and ex-bhikkhus who had reached an advanced level in either the Thai or the Burmese pariyatti system before disrobing.

The greater part of their work consists in the transcribing into Thai script of the Burmese Sixth Council texts, supplementing these with variant readings from Khom, Lanna and other regional editions that weren’t represented at the Council, the translation of the same into Thai, and their publication in easily affordable paperback editions. As the Foundation’s volunteers are doing their work for merit rather than money, the quality of their output (predictably enough) is very much higher than that of the monks at Bangkok’s two monastic universities (who are not only paid, but paid by piecework, which often results in hurried and sloppy work).

Of their work to date there probably isn’t much that would greatly interest those involved in EBT studies. The bulk of their output has been atthakathās, ṭīkās and yojanas (mainly to Abhidhamma and Vinaya texts), Pali grammars, and a multi-volume Pali-Thai dictionary.

Here’s a video intro to the Foundation…


Oh, nice, well it’s good work that they’re doing. I had a quick look through the website and, as you say, it was mostly later texts. Which is of course valuable, but it would be nice to see some updated Thai sutta translations!