Photo Dharma (Over 15,000 photographs of Buddhist archeological sites)

Photo Dharma

Over 15,000 photographs of Buddhist archeological sites, pilgrimage centres, and temples in SE Asia, as well as Videos, Maps, Posters, etc. Please feel free to use the photographs to make more works with them, in accordance with the Creative Commons license on the page where you find them.



Wow! A visual feast and a testament to the power of the image, which has been such an important aspect of Buddhist culture for so long. These artworks are a reminder of the rich support of Buddhism by so many people across the ages.

Although of course the EBTs are our prime source of inspiration, I always find myself moved by the rich variety and beauty of Buddhist art.

Thanks for sharing!


These are the records of our good friend Ven Anandajoti. He’s been capturing images at Buddhist sites for many years. So good to see!