Please add real root text this way


I have never noticed the obvious root text of the famous Buddhist book of genesis.
Book of genesis

Which was probably created when sects started to appear. Because it also found in the Mahāsāṃghika-Lokottaravāda Mahavastu.

The root text I assume is in the Majjhima Nikaya. Brahmin caste

I think it will be better to set the root text to it’s obvious root if available. While the website has root text I think always as the Pali canon. But I think it will be more helpful identifying the sutta that was earlier.

Maybe there is not many sutta available like that. But I sometimes feel also that some later text of the Pali canon should also be possible nowadays to assign it as later text if the root text was found. But I know that difficult again. But I think later text should be easy to assign in the website as later or early text because there is many comparisons studies. And I think with knowledge that everyone has of the text. We should be able to make this a cool website to finding easy early text.

On a side note:

I think also that earliers nikaya is maybe not studied much. Because most scholars for the Mahayana masters till now Bhante Sujato agree to the same thing. That Samyutta Nikāya was the first. But I get doubt for example when I read that in the first suttas mention 5 Vedas while most suttas Buddha mentioned 3 Vedas. I think of course this is a difficult thing to study. But I think further studies should be done.

Another thing I noticed is the mention of 500 monks all Arahants.

For me then Dīgha was made after as propaganda.
Samyutta was made early but not after Majjhima.

Samyutta gives clues of being later because some devadata say same thing that Rathapalla that heard from Buddha. Indicating they where trying to show as if they also grabbed the ideas for the verses from Rathapalla sutta for example.