Please, help - "Live" List of Pali Commentaries' English Translations

Thanks for all your work on this. It’s really handy.

I would recommend removing Ken and Visakha’s translation of the Jataka. As I understand it they just updated the Cowel translation on their own and then gave it to people who know Pali to make sure it doesn’t deviate too much. Since the Cowel translation is very available, I don’t see the need to include theirs. Also, they don’t indicate what is verse and what is commentary (at least in their most recent publication). About 9 years ago they expanded their original anthology to include much more. It’s a good set that I recommend to lay people. But as far as being a strict translation of the Pali, not so much. Perhaps others more knowledgeable could comment.

Also, I recommend ordering the KN as it is on Sutta Central, placing the more traditional sutta collections at the top. The traditional order I am familiar with is Khp, Dhp, Ud, Itv, Snp, Vv, Pv, Thag, Thig, Ja, but Sutta Central’s is slightly different.

Thanks for your work on this.

That looks really nice, thanks!

It seems to work fine for me.

The old translation is hardly this, either. I don’t know, the purpose is to render the stories readably, so perhaps it is better considered as an adaptation or derivative. So long as people know what they’re getting in for, I guess?

Well, the Jataka is further down, but apart from that it’s the same. For the record, the sequence on SC is taken from the Mahasangiti edition, although they organize a couple texts a little differently (splitting Jataka in two, for example).

  • Khuddakapāṭhapāḷi
  • Dhammapadapāḷi
  • Udānapāḷi
  • Itivuttakapāḷi
  • Suttanipātapāḷi
  • Vimānavatthupāḷi
  • Petavatthupāḷi
  • Theragāthāpāḷi
  • Therīgāthāpāḷi
  • Therāpadānapāḷi
  • Therīapadānapāḷi
  • Buddhavaṃsapāḷi
  • Cariyāpiṭakapāḷi
  • Jātakapāḷi
  • Jātakapāḷi
  • Mahāniddesapāḷi
  • Cūḷaniddesapāḷi
  • Paṭisambhidāmaggapāḷi
  • Nettipāḷi
  • Peṭakopadesapāḷi
  • Milindapañhapāḷi
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Thank you Bhante. Now I’m remembering that the verses are kind of “creative.”

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Update -

  • Godakumbura’s Apadana is not an English translation. It is only a transcript of the Commentary into romanized form.
  • I have added into the source as well as in the list here the complete Apadana Commentary translation from U Lu Pe Win. I found only website form (in two different websites) but no original book. Let me know if you know/find it. :sun_with_face:

Bhante did any author study chronology of commentaries?

I have difficulty now in believing all nikayas was from 1 council. Because Petakopadesa with all corruption is still indicating to me, that it must have come from a time that suttas as nikayas was not highly developed yet. I find the readings of parallel sutta in it also more simple. For example. The sutta on the 3 concentration. The Petakopadesa just mentions one time concentration. The nikayas seemed the same sutta as was remembered by a monk. Nikayas mentions concentration for each concentration. It seems nikaya was made from monks memory when the first versions was lost in famine and war.
And actually they being few couldn’t have written down all what was lost from memory. They tried there best. From comparison they did good but you see the new generation influence. Change of words chosen.

But besides that I’m just interested to know some of them chronology