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Fixed all these blurbs. Thanks @sabbamitta!


MN 143 #sc 9.2 - 9.9

#9.2: ‘I shall not grasp feeling born of eye contact …
#9.9: feeling born of mind contact, and there shall be no consciousness of mine dependent on mind contact.’

should be: feeling born of mind contact, and there shall be no consciousness of mine dependent on feeling born of mind contact.’



Thanks, these are fixed!


DN 24 (b.sujato) only shows english, no pali in the pali+english mode
most of the DN b.sujato suttas I’ve looked at in pali+english side by side work.



DN25 appears to have an incomplete section at the end:

The other translation by Rhys Davids shows:

The .po file doesn’t have the translation.


Works fine for me, try refreshing, if that doesn’t work, clear cache.

Yep. It’s caturāsīti vatthakoṭisahassāni.

Fixed, thanks!


Ven, will such changes be pushed to the translation repo ? I am using the .po files there to form org-mode files and export them as plain html. Also, there are some untranslated segments - is that deliberate ?

For example, for DN1:

Should these be skipped when trying to reconstruct a full translated file ?


Yes, hopefully today.

Yes. Mostly these are repetitions, and in some cases they are left blank for other reasons. Leave them blank, or if you want to make a full-repetition version, you can fill them in.


Ok, thanks.

I parsed the .po files for DN and generated org-mode files and exported them to plain html. They have turned out reasonably okay. I’ve pushed what I have here:

I did it mainly because I can read them offline in a low-powered laptop using emacs-w3m. The main site is a bit heavy, but I understand all that JS code is required for the pali lookup magic. But, with emacs, we can do various things to make reading very easy on the eyes, like set font, font weight, font height, colors, line-spacing, character-spacing, margin-widths etc. Changing such text properties is easy and straightforward in emacs.

Thanks for making the translations accessible and easy to hack on.


Okay, so that is seriously cool!

If that process could be extended to the other texts, and auto-updated, it would serve really nicely as a super-lightweight source for reading.

Note that the proper source for texts is here:

This has just been updated.


A small typo in MN 108. In the translation it says “Āananda” at some point.


fixed, thanks.


Thanks, I’ll switch to this repo and see if I can process the other texts.


Typo for ‘shag-piled’ :

Typo for ‘linch-pin’ :


Some more typos in the same vein.

‘rolling-plin’ :

‘five-piece’ / ‘three-pieces’ :

Looks like these typos are from commit fe00b5bab720d5a9dc1cc44386170449f668442c which did a ‘pi->pli’ conversion.


Still there: “5.9 3And what is right view? Not knowing about suffering, the origin of suffering, the cessation of suffering, and the practice that leads to the cessation of suffering. This is called right view.”

The OP seems to offer two estimates of time for correction: some time, and (as an aspiration?) weekly. Just in case this somehow got missed or reverted, this post.


I am getting a network error, repeatedly, when clicking on Read This Sutta on main page.

I am unable at this time to paste a screenprint but it is a suttacentral network error, as if the reference could not be found, and the page came from this address

This device does not (yet) have offline SuttaCentral; my wireless connectivity is currently strong; i have not tested it on any other device.


This doesn’t look like a typo but rather done on purpose:


Why does ‘Sacetana’ in Pali become ‘Pacetana’ in English?

(AN 3.15)