PMs and draft saving

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Hope it’s ok to post this.

Just a reminder for folks, it is easy to branch off in a private conversation by clicking the three dot icon and then the flag icon.

The first option is to contact the poster directly.

It doesn’t have to be used for actual problematic content. It can just be for personal communication that doesn’t add to the public thread.


There is an even faster way: simply press the user’s avatar at the top of the post and use the large message button :wink:

This also gives you the ability to fully edit the message, insert images and save the message as draft.



How do I save something as draft? That’s an option I’ve already missed a lot of times! (So I make my drafts in my text editor and save them on my computer.)

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Posts and PMs are automatically saved as drafts as you compose them, and you can even switch devices and continue editing the existing draft if you need to :wink:

You will notice a small check mark next to the trash bin while you write (it disappears after a while), which indicates that the draft was saved.

If you close the browser/pwa, the draft post will be readily available next time under your avatar—:bust_in_silhouette:username—Drafts

You can only have one draft post per topic and one draft topic per category, if I remember correctly.

And be careful if working offline/low connectivity, because older version of the same draft from another online device can overwrite the changes in the offline cache on reconnection.


Why didn’t I discover this? :see_no_evil:

Of course I see the little check mark. Thanks a lot for explaining. :grin:


Flagging is strictly for alerting the moderators that a post is problematic and needs looked at to determine if it breaks the Guidelines.

Sending a message directly to another forum member is the proper way to communicate away from the public topics. Also, directly messaging the moderators is the proper way to alert them of problems you may be having with your own post.

Thank you!



Is it true that you can send a message to @moderators? It’s not so obvious that this is the address to send to.
Thanks for all your modding work!


Yes, See it worked :blush:
Sorry there has been a lot of flux and changes with this. Now everyone can tag us with @moderators either in post or via PM

We’ll make an announcement about this shortly…

:smiley: :pray: :sunflower:

But use it with restraint please :sweat_smile: :rofl: