Polymer 2.0 RC is released



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That’s awesome. Very good timing. I was reluctant to get really stuck into polymer before 2.0 was released, especially with some of the stuff being prerelease. Like polymer-cli, it’s a very neat tool (a lot nicer to work with than the usual javascript serve & deploy toolchains) but was technically prerelease. An RC is not technically the real release but does mean it’s likely not much will change.

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I like the fact that in the release notes they talk a lot about optimizing things, minimizing them, and relying on the browser, rather than about all the new features. It really does seem as if the goal is to be as lean as possible.

Just a question about this: I’m trying to upgrade this but find that most of the elements I downloaded from webcomponents.org still use the old dependencies.

For instance <content> has been deprecated and replaced by but many of the elements I bower-pulled contain the <content> tag and although I did a bower upgrade by changing the dependencies in bower.json and than bower install, these old tags are still there. It would seem a bit foolish to try and change these manually, but they will have an effect on my own code. So if in the future these things are upgraded to 2.0, it might be that my own code breaks too. Any suggestions?

I also find that some of the links on that upgrade site don’t work.