Portuguese Nissaggiyā Pācittiyā 17–30 uploaded

I’ve uploaded the Portuguese translation of Nissaggiyā Pācittiyā 17–30 by @Gabriel_L with much gratitude :anjal:

I know we agreed not to actually upload this until the new site is ready (sorry, Bhante @Sujato) but I just wanted to see what the files looked like and how easy it is to actually convert them to html and what the issues there would be.

It turned out to be very easy to convert. Some issues remain with the spacing between elements, especially with html code in comments on multiple lines and spacing after em-dashes. But overall it is not bad.

@Gabriel_L, I noticed you are still working to get your other translations into Pootle, which is great so please continue with that. I’ve now also done PC1–10 and you can start translating those as soon as they are available in Pootle but I will probably not do any more of them for a while.



Thank you very much Ayya.

I still have to make changes in Pootle in these you have just uploaded (i.e. remove the quotation marks of the definitions). What is the best approach? Should I just flag to you once I have done it and you update it from Pootle?


I would say, just do them in Pootle and the changes will show up on the new site.

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Wow! :sunglasses:

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I hope that’s the right topic to ask about the possibility to use pootle to translate Suttas into polish and prepare them for publishing.
Do you have any guidelines or best practices for working with Pootle translating into language different then English.
I am asking because my friend and also founder of polish translation site sasana.pl - Piotr Jagodziński is planning to do translations of MN. Can he use pootle and other resources from SC? If yes, then how?

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