Possible Hacking?

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I just clicked on a link on this page MN 128: Upak­kilesa­sutta (Pāli) - Majjhima Nikāya - SuttaCentral - looking at a Pāli text and wanting to see how Sujato translated it, I opened the Navigation side bar and clicked on English.

It took me to a Ukrainian casino website.

It only seems to be the English link.

(BTW I know this is the legacy site, I still much prefer the old menus for navigating to texts.)

Note also on this page: MN: Majjhima Nikāya - SuttaCentral

I see a few more links to the same casino under links labelled “en”

MN 123, 124, 127, 128, 132, 133

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Happens for me too. I don’t think this is hacking. Looks more like the domain expired and someone else purchased the url.

We really are much better off learning the new navigation. There is so much more content on the modern site. And honestly, there is nothing at all strange about the new navigation.

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Oh, yes. I was glad to have Ven. Uppalavanna’s translations when there was nothing else, but they really weren’t much better than nothing, sad to say.

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Hi @Jayarava. I’m a new member in the community, so this is more out of curiosity than anything else, but why do you prefer the old navigation over the new one? Is there something you miss from the old site in the new site?

Hi Jayarava, sorry about that. We won’t be making further updates to the legacy site. But if there is a developer interested in this, we’d be happy to support them. This particular fix would be easy, just remove Upplavanna’s translations.

The old menus are a lot clearer, you get more information on a page without the large unnecessary graphics and oversized fonts. It is easier to find the parallels in the old layout, which is what I mainly use the site for these days. The new site seems to be designed to limit the amount of information that you can get in any one go. This is a common theme in webdesign in the last few years. I see it everywhere nowadays. It’s awful.

For example, from my bookmarked page, I click on one menu to get sutta texts, one more click gets me the whole of a Nikāya and all the parallels on one page. Say I want to look at something in the Dīghanikāya, compare the different approaches.

Legacy: DN: Dīgha Nikāya - SuttaCentral - 13-15 suttas per screen - 2 page downs to see all.
New: SuttaCentral - 1 to 1.5 suttas per screen - 19 page downs to see all.

The new site is about ten times slower to use and involves many many more clicks or scrolls. So while the legacy site is there, I’ll keep using it because it is far superior to the present one (ten times better at least).

However, it is good to know that the back end was changed as well as the front end. That does make a difference, because it means that the content is out-of-date despite the layout of info being far superior.


Did you try clicking on “spacing” in the upper right corner?

Screenshot from 2021-04-29 12-22-50

This is one of the reasons I started building a wiki site, though it’s still very incomplete: I wanted tables to scan parallels quickly. It was too laborious to click on each individual sutta’s parallel link, wait for it to display, and then move to the next. On top of that, I’m primarily working with the Chinese side of the parallel tables, so tables like this are better for me: Related Discourses (CSA) - Dharma Pearls Wiki.