Possible mistranslation in SN47.8


7.4 In the same way, a foolish, incompetent, unskillful mendicant meditates by observing an aspect of the body—keen, aware, and mindful, rid of desire and aversion for the world.
Evameva kho, bhikkhave, idhekacco paṇḍito byatto kusalo bhikkhu kāye kāyānupassī viharati ātāpī sampajāno satimā, vineyya loke abhijjhādomanassaṃ.

Should probably be somewhat more like

8.1That astute, competent, skillful mendicant gets blissful meditations in this very life, and they get mindfulness and situational awareness.

May be other segments like this. Not quite sure.


Thanks, fixed.