Possible orphaned translation of SN1.8

If this translation exists, we can’t look at it on SuttaCentral because it doesn’t show up in the sutta card.

ATTN: @blake
The translation of SN1.8 by Amaravati Sangha may be unavailable due to a null author_uid in suttaplex returned for :

author: “Amaravati Sangha”
author_short: null
author_uid: null
id: “en_sn1.8”
lang: “en”
lang_name: “English”
segmented: false
title: “The Buddha’s Words on Loving-Kindness”

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The Buddha’s words on loving kindness is not SN 1.8 but Snp 1.8 (or identical at Kp 9).

This is probably the text you’re looking for: SuttaCentral


Oh! How interesting! This means that the error may be that the Amaravati translation is misincluded in the SN1.8 suttaplex. Here is Bhante Sujato’s own translation of “Very Confused”:

: {lang: “en”, lang_name: “English”, author: “Bhikkhu Sujato”, author_short: “Sujato”,…}
author: “Bhikkhu Sujato”
author_short: “Sujato”
author_uid: “sujato”
id: “en_sn1.8_sujato”
lang: “en”
lang_name: “English”
segmented: true
title: “Very Confused”


Sometimes the Sutta Nipata is abbreviated as Sn and the Samyutta Nikaya as SN, so that is just inviting trouble!

It seems this file was misnamed, I have corrected it:

But I am not sure if this is all I need to do.