Possibly Not th Buddha's Teaching

Possibly Not The Buddha’s teaching:
Minor, Other, Abhidhamma; Dhammapada,
MN 18, MN 120, MN 117, MN 135, MN 149,
DN 27, DN 29, DN 31,
AN3.80, AN 5.177, AN 8.54, AN 7.49, AN 9.36, AN 10.177, AN 10.29,
SN 6.1, SN 35.135, SN 56.46, sn56.47,
Maṅgala Sutta Kp 5

There are more errors in suttas than in Vinaya; Fewer errors in the suttas of my Sequence.

Errors: DN 10 (no rejoicing 17and equanimity), DN 21 [sense restraint section is helpful]

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I think I may have made a mistake in posting it. The discussions might help clarify whether or not they are the Buddha’s teaching. Sorry for the possible confusion.

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