Praatje en meditatie in Nederland (Talk and meditation in the Netherlands)

“Gezelligheid met Bhikkhu Sunyo”

Datum: 19 November
Locatie: Eindhoven

(I told the organizers, I could post it here, but @moderators if it is not allowable to advertise Dhamma events here, then please remove it.)


Dear Ven. @Sunyo,

Many thanks for sharing!

All good, this is the correct category for sharing such events.

With Metta,
On behalf of the moderators


Prachtig, Bhante! Hartelijk dank!

I am sorry to miss this event since I will be travelling.


The organizers of this event are trying to start a little community (or at least create some connections between practitioners) in the Netherlands. There apparently is not much of an established community where announcements can be shared, yet I know there are many individuals following my teacher Ajahn Brahm’s teachings. But I know some read this forum too, which is why I’m kicking this topic here. Perhaps this can be a small start to bringing people together.

Maybe see you Saturday.

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