Practice forum

I would like to renew the request for a practice forum.
Clearly there is a great deal of experience present here, and it seems a shame not to share it.
I’d be happy to moderate.

We considered this seriously and in depth not very long ago. It additionally falls outside the remit of SC. There are many gaps in what is available, but SC can’t fill them all.
As such, nothing is stopping anyone from setting up facilities/services that they feel strongly about.
Also there is the PM facility, which we encourage people to use.

Metta and karuna


Sorry, but I don’t understand the actual problem with a practice forum. What’s the objection? Your response sounds like a press release.
What are you actually worried about? Please be specific.
Why shouldn’t people talk about their practice?
I honestly don’t get your objection, and I don’t understand the problem.

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Discussing practice is a deeply human encounter that requires vulnerability and trust and openness, and these are just not qualities that work on an open internet forum.

This has been discussed at length and we will not be revisiting the decision.

I appreciate your offer to help moderate. In fact, moderation is by far the hardest work on a forum; the technical side is pretty simple. So one option would be for you to start your own forum and see how it goes.

Otherwise, another option is to contact people who you trust on here via a private message. There’s no problem with that, and it allows you to avoid the fly-by experts telling you what’s what.