Precepts and "observances"

AN 6.89 on “Not Giving Up” mentions “misapprehension of precepts and observances” as one of the six factors that need to be given up. I would like to know more about what “observances” is referring to in this context.

The Pali original uses the expression “sīlabbataparāmāsaṁ”. Searching for “sīlabbata,” AN 3.78 comes up on “Precepts and Observances.” However, this sutta also does not elaborate on what observances are being meant.

Are there sources that detail the practices that constitute “sīlabbata?”


MN57 is probably one of the classic suttas which highlight the idea of ‘misapprehension of precepts and observances’. I’m sure there are others, but this one springs to mind. :anjal:

It’s the idea of observing something in hopes that it will lead to some higher truth like nibbana.

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