Preliminary Table of Contents to the Four Main Nikāyas

Hey all! It is my intention to make a D&D online English-language table of contents to the four main SC nikāyas. Especially the Linked Discourses and Numbered Discourses can be overwhelming in size, so I thought it would be nice to have a vagga level overview. This version is still preliminary and incomplete, as not all new translations are on SC yet. Feedback is much appreciated!

Also available in PDF format:

Long Discourses (Dīghanikāya)

The Chapter Containing the Section on Ethics | The Greater Chapter | With Pāṭikaputta

Middle Discourses (Majjhimanikāya)

Root Group of Fifty (Mūlapaṇṇāsa)
The Root of All Things | The Lion’s Roar | Similes | Great Pairs | Lesser Pairs
Middle Group of Fifty (Majjhimapaṇṇāsa)
Lay People | Monks | Wanderers | Kings | Brahmins
Upper Group of Fifty (Uparipaṇṇāsa)

At Devadaha | One by One | Emptiness | Analysis | Six Sense Fields

Linked Discourses (Saṁyutta Nikāya)

The Book with Verses (Sagāthā Vaggasaṃyutta)

1) With Deities (Devatā Saṃyutta)

Reed | Garden of Delight | Sword | Satullapa Group | On Fire | Old Age | Oppression | Incineration

2) With Gods (Devaputta Saṃyutta)

First Chapter | Anāthapiṇḍika | Various Sectarians

3) With the Kosalan (Kosala Saṃyutta)

First Chapter | Second Chapter | Third Chapter

4) With Māra (Māra Saṃyutta)

First Chapter | Second Chapter | Third Chapter

5) With Nuns (Bhikkhunī Saṃyutta)


6) With Brahmās (Brahma Saṃyutta)

First Chapter | Second Chapter

7) With Brahmins (Brāhmaṇa Saṃyutta)

Perfected Ones | Lay Followers

8) With Vaṅgīsa (Vaṅgīsa Saṃyutta)


9) In the Woods (Vana Saṃyutta)

In the Woods

10) With Spirits (Yakkha Saṃyutta)


11) With Sakka (Sakka Saṃyutta)

First Chapter | Second Chapter | Third Chapter

The Book of Causation (Nidāna Vaggasaṃyutta)

12) Causation (Nidāna Saṃyutta)

Buddha | Fuel | Ten Powers | Kaḷāra the Aristocrat | Householders | Suffering | Greater Chapter | Ascetics and Brahmins
Incorporated Abbreviation Series (Antara Peyyāla)
The Teacher

13) Breakthrough (Abhisamaya Saṃyutta)


14) Elements (Dhātu Saṃyutta)

Diversity | Second Chapter | Ways of Performing Deeds | Fourth Chapter

15) Unknowable Beginning (Anamatagga Saṃyutta)

First Chapter | Second Chapter

16) With Kassapa (Kassapa Saṃyutta)


17) Gains and Honor (Lābhasakkāra Saṃyutta)

First Chapter | Second Chapter | Third Chapter | Fourth Chapter

18) With Rāhula (Rāhula Saṃyutta)

First Chapter | Second Chapter

19) With Lakkhaṇa (Lakkhaṇa Saṃyutta)

First Chapter | Second Chapter

20) With Similes (Opamma Saṃyutta)


21) With Monks (Bhikkhu Saṃyutta)


The Book of the Aggregates (Khandha Vaggasaṃyutta)

22) Aggregates (Khandha Saṃyutta)

Root Group of Fifty (Mūlapaṇṇāsaka)
Naluka’s Father | Impermanence | Burden | It’s Not Yours | Be Your Own Island
Middle Group of Fifty (Majjhimapaṇṇāsaka)
Involvement | The Perfected Ones | Itchy | Senior Mendicants | Flowers
Upper Group of Fifty (Uparipaṇṇāsaka)
Sides | A Dhamma Speaker | Ignorance | Burning Chaff | Views

23) With Rādha (Rādha Saṃyutta)

First Chapter about Māra | Second Chapter about Māra | Appeals | Sitting Close

24) Views (Diṭṭhi Saṃyutta)

Stream-Entry | The Second Round | The Third Round | The Fourth Round

25) Arrival (Okkanta Saṃyutta)

The Eye

26) Arising (Uppāda Saṃyutta)


27) Corruptions (Kilesa Saṃyutta)


28) With Sāriputta (Sāriputta Saṃyutta)

With Sāriputta

29) Dragons (Nāga Saṃyutta)


30) Phoenixes (Supaṇṇa Vagga)


31) Fairies (Gandhabbakāya Saṃyutta)


32) Cloud Gods (Valāhaka Saṃyutta)

Cloud Gods

33) With Vacchagotta (Vacchagotta Saṃyutta)

With Vacchagotta

34) Absorption (Jhāna Saṃyutta)


The Book of the Six Sense Fields (Saḷāyatana Vaggasaṃyutta) [Incomplete]

35) Six Sense Fields (Saḷāyatana Saṃyutta)

First Group of Fifty (Paṭhamapaṇṇāsaka)
Impermanence | Pairs | All | All Is Impermanent
Second Group of Fifty (Dutiyapaṇṇāsaka)
Ignorance | With Migajāla | Sick | With Channa | The Sixes
Third Group of Fifty (Tatiyapaṇṇāsaka)
Sanctuary | The World and the Kinds of Sensual Stimulation | Householders | At Devadaha | The Old and the New
Fourth Group of Fifty (Catutthapaṇṇāsaka)
End of Relishing | Sixty Abbreviated Texts | Ocean | Simile of the Vipers

The Greater Book (Mahā Vaggasaṃyutta) [Forthcoming]

Numbered Discourses (Aṅguttara Nikāya)

The Book of the Ones (Ekakanipāta)

Sights Etc. | Giving Up the Hindrances | Useless | Wild | Spike | Fingersnap | Arousing Energy | Good Friends | First Chapter on Negligence | Second Chapter on Negligence | Not the Teaching | Non-Offense | One Person
Foremost (Etadagga)
First Chapter | Second Chapter | Third Chapter | Fourth Chapter | Fifth Chapter | Sixth Chapter | Seventh Chapter
Impossible (Aṭṭhāna)
First Chapter | Second Chapter | Third Chapter
One Thing (Ekadhamma)
First Chapter | Second Chapter | Third Chapter | Fourth Chapter

The Book of the Twos (Dukanipāta)

First Group of Fifty (Paṭhamapaṇṇāsaka)
Punishments | Issues | Fools | Peaceful Mind | Assemblies
Second Group of Fifty (Dutiyapaṇṇāsaka)
Persons | Happiness | With a Precursor | Things | Fools
Third Group of Fifty (Tatiyapaṇṇāsaka)
Hopes That Are Hard to Give Up | Aspiration | Giving | Welcome | Attainment
Abbreviated Texts (Peyyāla)
Beginning with Anger | Beginning with the Unskillful | Beginning with the Training | Beginning with Greed

The Book of the Threes (Tikanipāta)

First Group of Fifty (Paṭhamapaṇṇāsaka)
Fools | Chariot-Maker | Persons | Messengers of the Gods | Lesser Chapter
Second Group of Fifty (Dutiyapaṇṇāsaka)
Brahmins | Greater Chapter | With Ānanda | Ascetics | Lump of Salt
Third Group of Fifty (Tatiyapaṇṇāsaka)
Awakening | Bound for Loss | Kusināra | Warrior | Good Fortune

The Book of the Fours (Catukkanipāta)

First Group of Fifty (Paṭhamapaṇṇāsaka)
At Bhaṇḍa Village | Walking | At Uruvelā | Situations | With Rohitassa
Second Group of Fifty (Dutiyapaṇṇāsaka)
Overflowing Merit | Deeds of Substance | Guaranteed | Confirmed | Demons
Third Group of Fifty (Tatiyapaṇṇāsaka)
Clouds | With Kesi | Fears | Persons | Brightness
Fourth Group of Fifty (Catutthapaṇṇāsaka)
Faculties | Practice | Intention | Brahmins | Great Chapter
Fifth Group of Fifty (Pañcapaṇṇāsaka)
Good Person | Assembly | Bad Conduct | Deeds | Perils of Offenses | Insight | Ways of Performing Deeds | Abbreviated Texts Beginning with Greed

The Book of the Fives (Pañcakanipāta)

First Group of Fifty (Paṭhamapaṇṇāsaka)
Powers of a Trainee | Powers | With the Five Factors | With Summanā | With King Muṇḍa
Second Group of Fifty (Dutiyapaṇṇāsaka)
Hindrances | Perceptions | Warriors | Senior Mendicants | With Kakudha
Third Group of Fifty (Tatiyapaṇṇāsaka)
Living Comfortably | At Andhakavinda | Sick | Kings | At Tikaṇḍakī
Fourth Group of Fifty (Catutthapaṇṇāsaka)
The True Teaching | Resentment | A Lay Follower | Wilderness Dwellers | Brahmins
Fifth Group of Fifty (Pañcapaṇṇāsaka)
With Kimbala | Abuse | Long Wandering | A Resident Mendicant | Bad Conduct
Sixth Group of Fifty (Chaṭṭapaṇṇāsaka)
Ordination | Abbreviated Texts on Appointments | Abbreviated Texts on Training Rules | Abbreviated Texts with Greed

The Book of the Sixes (Chakkanipāta)

First Group of Fifty (Paṭhamapaṇṇāsaka)
Worthy of Offerings | Warm-Hearted | Unsurpassable | Deities | About Dhammika
Second Group of Fifty (Dutiyapaṇṇāsaka)
Greater Chapter | A God | Perfection | Coolness | Benefit | Triads | The Ascetic Life | Abbreviated Texts with Greed

The Book of the Sevens (Sattakanipāta)

First Group of Fifty (Paṭhamapaṇṇāsaka)
Wealth | Tendencies | The Vajji Seven | Deities | A Great Sacrifice
Second Group of Fifty (Dutiyapaṇṇāsaka)
The Undeclared Points | Greater Chapter | The Training Code | An Ascetic | Worthy of Offerings | Abbreviated Texts with Greed

The Book of the Eights (Aṭṭhakanipāta)

First Group of Fifty (Paṭhamapaṇṇāsaka)
Love | The Great Chapter | Householders | Giving | Sabbath
Second Group of Fifty (Dutiyapaṇṇāsaka)
With Gotamī | Earthquakes | Pairs | Mindfulness | Abbreviated Texts with Greed

The Book of the Nines (Navakanipāta)

First Group of Fifty (Paṭhamapaṇṇāsaka)
Awakening | The Lion’s Roar | Abodes of Sentient Beings | The Greater Chapter | Similarity
Second Group of Fifty (Dutiyapaṇṇāsaka)
A Safe Place | Mindfulness Meditation | Right Efforts | Bases of Psychic Power | Abbreviated Texts Beginning with Greed

The Book of the Tens (Dasakanipāta) [Forthcoming]

The Book of the Elevens (Ekādasakanipāta) [Forthcoming]


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