Printed Volumes Of Majjhima Nikāya

Hi all. I ordered the Bhante Sujato’s 3 volumed printed Majjhima Nikaya from Lulu and they’ve just arrived. I’ve noticed that the printed books don’t have any footnotes only the main text. I’m just curious as the pdf versions have extensive footnotes, I was just wondering if this is some error on the part of the printers? Has anyone else too found this to be the case in the printed versions?


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Yeah, this was an issue with the old PDF files, it seems the files are updated now but the old prints don’t reflect those footnotes.

Thanks Dogen for clearing it up. It’s no problem of course I can just consult the pdf notes after each sutta.

Thsnks again

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As I understand, the footnotes for the MN are not finished yet. I’m guessing that they won’t be included in the MN print on demand (Lulu) until they are all finished.

Looks like MN128 is the last one. You can see the raw files here: