Printing suttas: Bug/feature request

Currently, using Chrome, the regular print function does not produce satisfactory results for me. Printing, for example SN 56.11 gives page headings:

Setting in Motion the Wheel of the Dha…

that obscure some of the text. This doesn’t happen on the legacy site.

This feature caused me some frustation when I took along a printout of the sutta to a Dhamma discussion, only to find that I was missing the definition of the Origin of Suffering! :laughing:

Is there a way to turn this off, or am I missing something?

In terms of features, is there any plan to have an option to produce formatted output automatically? Something a little nicer than just browser printout, perhaps with more information at the start, including Sutta reference, Translator, and so on.


Yes, you’re right, a few tweaks are in order here.

The print dialogue should produce simple and sane output, but we won’t try to make it too fancy. Actually in modern CSS you can do some nice things with print, even printing a book directly. But we want to focus on export to LaTeX, which will ultimately produce the very finest PDF output for print.


Thanks, being able to print without obscuration would be appreciated when someone has time to tune it.

And export to LaTeX would be awesome! It’s good to see people aiming for high-quality typesetting…

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This should not be too difficult once we have things set up properly in Pootle.

Is there a GitHub ticket for this?

There you go -no more suffering either then!


No, I wasn’t suggesting we should do this, merely noting that it is possible. But LaTeX is always better!