Problem selecting text on mobile

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I cannot seem to select (copy) text from Sutta Central any more (on my iPhone). This makes it quite a challenge to quote suttas :pensive:


We haven’t made any changes that would affect this, so far as I know. I just checked my Android phone and it works fine. If any iPhone users have the same bug, please let us know.

You might try it in a different browser.


Unfortunately that’s not possible on iOS. The Apple AppStore™ has a policy which prohibits other rendering engines. Even Opera, Chrome, etc use the Safari WebView component to actually render the page :pensive:


Silly question, but how do you copy chunks of text on a smart-phone?
I can do it for single lines (sometimes!) by sweeping from left to right, but what about copying several lines or chunks of text?


Long press on the text, then drag the tiny blue dots on the ends of the selected text:


Reloading the page works, sometimes! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No problems here - iOS 12.2, iPhone. What exactly is the problem? Does the ”long press” on that particular site does not work for you? Sometimes a restart of the device helps.


Hmm… Well that seems to have fixed it for now! Will message this thread again if I get a more solid repro. Thanks everyone :slight_smile: