Progression in music listening due to Buddhist practice?

A few days ago I read about a Buddhist practitioner whose tastes in music listening changed (narrowed, mostly) as practice went forward. The final step was a particular genre of classical music being the only music this person continued to listen to. After that, I believe the practitioner gave up listening to music entirely.

I thought I saw it here, but so far in a few searches am striking out on finding it again. Does this ring a bell? I suspect the context was not to stress too much on restricting one’s taste, they will evolve as practice goes on. I was particularly trying to remember, though, what the classical music genre was that was the final step for this person. Thanks in advance for any help.

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I don’t think you’re thinking of me, but that was definitely my experience, where the music I found emotionally supportive when I was younger just gradually became too much until eventually all I enjoyed listening to was e.g. Debussy (and now, as a monk, not even that). Curious if others have had that experience…


I think I read something like that in this thread

If I’m not mistaken someone was speaking about Ajahn Sona’s experience in similar words there :upside_down_face:


Thanks to both for the comments. Yes, I remember reading the thread mentioned by timtim, and it was probably the description of Ven. Sona’s transition from “classical, then nothing but Baroque, then only Gregorian chants, and then finally he didn’t listen to music” that I was remembering.