PSA: Speak French? Don't speak French? Here's how to prioritize or hide the posts

With the growth of Bilara it is really exciting to see all the new translations happening. :tada::tada::tada: However, if you don’t care to see the posts sharing translations for review, here’s one way to avoid them.

If you click on any occurrence of the French tag, such as this:

it will take you to the tag page:

If you click on the bell button, you will get a variety of tracking options.

By selecting Muted you will no longer see these posts when you browse the latest posts on the forum.

On the flip side, if you do speak French, it would be a great Dhamma service if you select Watching so you get notifications on all activity. Or you could choose Watching First Post so you get a notification every time a new post is created with this tag.


Thanks @Snowbird for sharing this tip. Sorry for populating so many posts about french translations. I figured that I would create 1 thread to report on these, so to avoid this in the future.

I think if there is one place on the internet for creating posts about evaluating new translations of suttas, this is the place! It’s great that you are working so much on this.

The forum software has some really great features that most people aren’t aware of. Lumping all your translations may or may not be a good strategy, so I didn’t want to suggest you change what you are doing.

I’m actually really surprised that there aren’t more French speakers on the forum giving feedback.


True. So as advised I created 1 main thread and if any specific translation requires a separate conversation it could be taken to an new thread or through DM.

Me too. Hopefully this will come.

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