Qigong - Standing Like A Tree, Breathing Like A Buddha

Hey friends,

Just curious how many of you do qigong, including monastics? I know Ajahn Sucitto has some podcasts with qigong instruction.

It’s hard to gather what they’re doing because you can’t see but it’s still cool to see monastics doing qigong.

I started Qigong before I went to Wat Pah Nanachat, but a Bhikkhu introduced me to Standing Qigong Zhan Zhuang and I just love it. I’m finding that there are times when sitting for long periods are not great for my body so it’s nice to be able to move mindfully when the body is challenged. However, I also notice that if I sit through discomfort and tension that it tends to release and especially after I do my own multi day retreats at home.

I have been training with www.longwhitecloudqigong.com He does Give Freely, Receive Freely so that anyone can do it and says he has some monastics as his students which obviously wouldn’t be paying so it’s nice to see someone giving back and helping those who have devoted their lives to spiritual practice without money.

I have a few apps on my iphone also that are good for Qigong called 7 minute Chi, Taichi Temple and Meditation Moves.

I also like Gari Garipolli’s qigong dvd. This is how I started.


I don’t know why the price is so expensive for this. I think I bought it for less than $20 years ago in a book store.

I have uploaded the DVD to my youtube channel, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to share here. Youtube said I don’t have to take it down, it got flagged for copy write but said it’s okay to stay on my channel. I think youtube just puts ads on things that are copy written and pays the proceeds to the author, but I’m not sure.


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I love Qigong. Going on 20 years now. It’s great. A while back I came on a site with some sets of basic practices called fun with qigong.

I really like the practices of cultivating vital energy.

I practice Taiji and Qigong. I’m still a beginner.

but I already feel the benefits of doing it.

Buddhist practitioners know the importance of energy on the path to enlightenment.

Energy (viriya)


Found this great article on Standing Qigong.



I agree, qigong is really worthwhile.
msg. 4 has some good videos.

I’ve got more videos here,
8 piece of brocade and 18 form taiji qigong are excellent beginner things to learn.



I tried out a free class this past weekend.

It wasn’t for me.

I already did one too that looked like I was at a gym. was a very intense exercise.

but also I have seen video on the internet that the practice of Qi gong is very soft very light.

so I think it has several styles of Qi gong.


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