Question Concerned With Modern approach of fixation on Meditation

So I am considering about the importance of Dana and Sila on the Path of developing Samadhi and Insight.

It seems from the eastern or Buddhist Cultural side there is a very strong emphasis and teaching for the continuous practice of Dana and Sila as it relates to the Path of Insight.

However in the West I see an Overemphasizing strictly on Meditation while not much attention is paid towards Dana and Sila.

I am wondering are there any early Suttas that speak to this kind of case.


-Bhante Varrapanyo


Certainly several suttas speak about the gradual talk (instruction) (anupubbikatha), dāna, sīla, sagga, etc.
If this is what you mean, how the Buddhadhamma should be taught.

Or are you are looking for examples of people skipping things like dāna and sīla?
Perhaps the sutta to Potaliya would be an example? MN 54.

A good example of the gradual training (anupubbisikkha) is found in The Shorter Discourse on the Simile of the Elephant’s Footprint. MN 27.


Skipping would be very interesting yes.

Thank you for the help :innocent::pray:t3:

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Dana for most people here in the Netherlands does not have anything to do with giving to monks. Not many people come in contact with buddhist monks here. Very few. In Italy probably the same.

But here in the Netherlands many people are involved in giving and doing good. I think almost all people, all i know at least. Involved in charity, animal welfare, voluntairy work in care centers or hospitals, asylums, donations, endless. Many people do such things.

But not many, i think almost no people here, do such things as part of a spiritual practice.
Probably people will think low of you when they would know that you only practise friendliness, generosity, caring, charity, compassion as investment for your own future or lack of future (mere cessation). Such things are more or less not accepted here and seen as low.

Yes we are really nice guys and girls :smiling_face:

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I remember reading a sutta listing about ten intentional purposes of generosity but only one intention (about adorning the mind) read as though it may indirectly possibly relate to the Path of developing Samadhi and Insight. The other intentions I recall read as though they revolved around self-interests.

I don’t recall Buddhist laypeople who practice Dana daily meditating very much when I visited Asia.

Teaching too much Sila may scare Western people away from Meditation Retreats & Courses. If Western people were deeply interested in Dana and Sila, they would probably be inclined towards Christianity, which offers many means of practicing Dana and also offers social support for Sila.

Does not the Vinaya discourage monks being generous? I have not ready any suttas that are specifically about laypeople meditating. I recall a sutta where the Buddha mentioned Emptiness to laypeople but they replied Emptiness was too difficult for them.