Question on a line in today's Reading Faithfully verse

Today’s Sutta on SN 2.7 Suttas – Daily Sutta Reading

“The opening amid confinement “Sambādhe vata okāsaṁ,

Can some one help me understand this line please? Confinement in the sense of seclusion and the opening means a breakthrough?
Or is it a metaphor for being confined in a room of ignorance and an opening to let the light in, so to speak. ( This verse reminds me of waking up in the morning for some reason :sun_with_face::grinning:)

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I think both metaphors work.

I see “confinement” as ignorance, Saṁsāra, the continuation of suffering without end. And the opening: well, there’s a way out …!

I mean, it’s called “awakening”, isn’t it? :wink:

2 Likes has notes before the translation that really clarifies that sutta:



“Opening” refers to insight, that is the point of the Buddha’s reply in Samyutta Nikaya 2.7, correcting the Deva’s son:

The phrase, “an opening in a confining place,” is found in AN 9:42 in all the major editions, where “confining place” is explained as the five strings of sensuality."—Thanissaro

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Thank you all :relaxed: :pray:t3: :sunny: