Questions to King Milinda

Hi everyone
Has anyone found the sutta Questions to King Milinda?

It’s a whole book that we find in the KN:


It’s worth pointing that also hosts the Chinese parallel of the text, entitled Nagasena Bhikshu Sutra:

The Nāgasena Bhikṣu Sūtra (那先比丘經) is a Chinese version of the text found in Pali as the Milinda Pañha. The translator and date are unknown, but it is listed in the Tung Chin lu (東晉錄) (CE 317–420). In the Taishō edition of the Chinese canon, it is text number 1670B, located at T vol. 32, 703c.


I don’t think you can classifiey Questions to King Milinda as the Sutta.