Quote from pāḷi canon?

‘If you find the truth,
(in any religion, Philosophy or science)
Then accept that truth
(without any prejudice)’
AN I: 189

Does anyone have a reference for this quote ( I looked in the a.n ones but couldn’t find it)

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Doesn’t sound legit to me!

Based on the reference (“AN I: 189”), it would appear to be referring to the Kālāma Sutta (AN 3.65). The above quote seems to be a strong deformation of what Ven. Sujato renders as:

But when you know for yourselves: ‘These things* are skillful, blameless, praised by sensible people, and when you undertake them, they lead to welfare and happiness’, then you should acquire them and keep them.

[*: referring to contentment (alobha), love (adosa), understanding (amoha)]