Quote function issues

Dear forum arahants

I seem to be having problems with the quote function.

Properly typed HTML codes seem to still end up showing as plain text (even when using the quote icon).

Then one has to edit the post again to manually edit, which is a source for mistakes.

Please rate my stupidity from 1 to 10 :sweat_smile:

Could you give examples of what you are trying to do, specifically? As in, specific html you are trying to quote. I don’t think Discourse supports all html.

Just hitting the speech bubble to insert the quote. Not tampering with it. When posting, quote shows with HTML codes displayed in text.

Can you give screen shots? In order to fix someone will have to be able to reproduce.

EDIT: Actually, what do you mean by speech bubble?

EDIT2: I see now you addressed the post to forum arahants. If I had seen that I wouldn’t have responded. Or I would have at least emphasized I was answering as a non-arahant.

The icon to insert a quote. Sorry it’s a German idiom for that symbol that I wrongfully translated.

Read that: “Dear moderators”. :wink:

OK, I’m not a moderator either.

If you want help, you will probably need to give screen shots of what you are trying to quote and what it looks like after you quote it.

If you want to contact the moderators you can just send a message to @moderators or in this case since it doesn’t have anything to do with moderation, you can notify @helpdesk-dd.

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Also, if you’re experiencing an issue with the Discourse software, you may want to try their official forum: