Quoting text on android

Say I want to quote part of a post by highlighting it and clicking quote. This works fine on my PC but on my Android phone it does not. I’ll hold down my finger to select text and what happens is the discourse quote icon and the Android cut-copy-select all window appear briefly then disappear in the text is unselected. Anyone else have this problem or can reproduce it? Any ideas? Apologies if this has been asked before.

It’s working for me on an S5… I can press and hold, then adjust the area to quote, then press quote…

However, i do often find this feature tricky to navigate due to my clumsy finger skills… Hence the lack of a period in my quotation…

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I have the same problem on iPhone 5S… and it’s been that way for a while actually.

Nowadays, quoting on the mobile seems to work, but it only quotes the first word in the selected text. So I can work around this by subsequently copying and pasting the full text passage into the quote box. But obviously there’s the pain in butt factor…

I’d suggest checking on the Discourse meta site and see if it has been raised there. If not, that’s the place to ask.

There are some bugs reported reasonably recently that have apparently been fixed:

There are always more, so it’s worth reporting any problem…

Thanks, just posted on the meta site.

Got a reply from one Jeff Atwood, he says:

They are out of date. View source says 1.8 beta 2. Update to latest.

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@blake, can we update?

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Okay I updated from the command line, we are now running the latest version.


Thanks. @Mkoll, can we confirm whether the issue is resolved?

Lookin’ good! It’s resolved.