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I’ve gotten into the habit of reading a sutta most every day. In about a month I will be at the end of my anthology list.

Does suttacentral.net have a “show me a random sutta” button/link?

I know it is a bit of work, but please consider putting one in if you don’t have one.

Thanks much for reading


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Hello Jhana4,

Doesn’t Sutta Central already do that by default?

Go to the landing page, and it shows you an extract of a sutta. Press F5 and you get another sutta etc.

I’ve just tested 20 right now and it seem to be random enough, but looking at the code behind could help understand the scope of the random sutta feature:

  • SN: 1
  • DN: 3
  • MN: 5
  • AN: 11
  • duplicates 2: DN
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I don’t get it the first time, upon landing, but I do when I press F5, thank you.

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Wow, I don’t even remember making this thread 5 years ago or even having a fledgling sutta practice that fizzled out! I’m guessing the anthology list I was referring to was the one I made from Bhikkhu Bodhi’s “In The Buddha’s Words” or the list of suttas I made from it.

Thank you for the button regardless.

Yes, I forgot about the post I made several years ago asking if people would use a daily sutta email. :rofl:

Just to clarify, this little app is using official SC data, but it’s not an official SC project.

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