Readings for w/shop 2

In case another is interested in one of the items on the pre-reading for workshop 2: MN56 Upali Sutta. (not sure where to put this).

Ajahn Brahmali’s reading of MN56
Bhikkhu Bodhi’s reading of MN56 (2 lectures though it actually begins at the last minutes of MN55) A Systematic Study of the Majjhima Nikaya | BODHI MONASTERY
Bhante Sujato’s reading of MN56
Bhante Gunaratana’s reading of MN56 (2 lectures) YouTube

Having gone through a number of teachings (including suttas) over the past few years haphazardly, I finally found a good starting place for the study on Gradual Training. It is not quite the full list but it is a very good start, necessary for one who gets confused by just the first steps (virtue then sense restraint and then mindfulness with wisdom).
For the study of any sutta, I normally use the BSWA sutta reading (general feel - good conditioning), Bhikkhu Bodhi’s reading (translator’s reading - sometimes there are good perspectives) and Bhante Sujato’s reading (comparative studies - instead of going through Ven. Analayo’s papers - Thank you Bhante Sujato. Waiting patiently for Madhayama Agama Vols. 2 and 3.).
Then, sometimes I’d do the Pali version (with the help of the hover-over dictionary) here too. And also look into other translations: PTS IB Horner, PTS Chalmers (I like old translations), etc. (Oh, and if I have the Agama in English…)


Hi Waiyin,

thanks so much for the good hints, the sutta refernces, and the Audacity Audio recording. :smile:

(Initially, I wanted to post some links here re the readings for Workshop 3, but then I decided, that it is probably better to open a separate topic for this.)

With much mettaa,

Thank you Robert for the links to MN120. Will get there eventually, hopefully. I’m dreadfully behind the reading though. smile

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Dear Robert. Can you help me? I keep seeing references for readings but I’ve looked everywhere on the site and can’t find the. All I find are comments like yours that refer to a reading list. Are you able to direct me to this mythical list? Much metta, Mary from Canada

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May you be happy and well!

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Dear Mary,

Raivo was quicker than me with his reply and he already posted the link to the course outline with the list of the reading material. For the coming Workshop 3 the Readings are listed on page 6 of the Document Karma&Rebirth_BSWA.pdf. I hope this what you were looking for. If not, please do not hesitate to ask (me or Raivo, or … - really, everybody here, I am sure, would be more than happy to help you with any such question).

With much mettaa,