Reference help please: "There are four kinds of people found in the ..."

I’m looking for the source of the following:

‘There are four kinds of people found in the world.
What four?
Firstly, a person, becoming fully separated from sensual experiences. . [ie from the five senses] and unskillful qualities, attains the first jhāna…. They contemplate the phenomena there …as temporary, as suffering, as a disease, as a tumour,

Venerable @Khemarato.bhikkhu if you find it with ease on Google, please tell me how so that I can bother you less often, because - believe me - I have tried!


Is it this:

It’s a different translation, but I guess the same sutta. Where the one you quoted has tumour, I think Bhante Bodhi has “cancer” and Bhante Sujato has “boil”.

I couldn’t find it using Google. I used the site search, but I started with “tumor,” then had to switch to “tumour” and eventually got around to “a boil.” That’s one of the shortcomings of searching by English when there are so many alternatives.


Brilliant! Thank you. Yes the translator is different, and the reference came to me as an4.12.1, so I can see how a typo could happen here.

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Actually in the AN Bhante Bodhi does use boil:


It is definitely a dark art! :joy: