Reflecting on impermanence - a wrong way

When reflecting on impermanence, I often contemplate the aging, decay, and eventual mortality of my body. However, I’ve heard that this approach might be flawed. Some suggest focusing on the elemental nature, such as hardness, rather than directly contemplating the body or its parts. Is it incorrect to view the impermanence of the body itself rather than contemplating the dhatu or ultimate nature?

It doesn’t matter which way you do it. Both are fine. Whatever works for you personally.

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It is quite proper reflection. But on ariyan level perception of impermanence and perception of anatta are inseparable so the very fact that the body is impermanent should lead to reflection that it isn’t mine, I am not the body.

Since notion of self is monolithic and so self isn’t perceived as a compound, observing impermanence of various elements in the body is also valid practice. But presence of such thinking as: I was born and I will die, is a sign that perception of impermanence regarding the body, haven’t replaced yet puthujjana’s false perception of permanence.

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