Releasing new versions of Voice

We’d like to let all friends of Voice know that a new version, v2.19, has just been released.

You haven’t heard much of us for a while, but we haven’t been lazy. Our boat is on the waters, and we have a certain direction in mind, but it is actually only taking shape as we go along, slowly emerging from the mist at the horizon. So there wasn’t much we could really talk about.

Voice may change quite a bit of its look and feel in the future, and in order to get a taste of it, you might look at the German site Dhammaregen. Dhammaregen has some new feats Voice doesn’t have, but there are also things it can’t do that Voice can. So we are currently trying to close this gap and combine the strengths of both applications.

To give an overview:

Dhammaregen’s strengths, things that Voice can’t do:

  • Audio player is not limited to showing just one line, but the entire screen is actually the audio player, and the curser is just scrolling down as it plays the segments. This makes navigation within a Sutta much easier.
  • Phrases that are part of our “examples” list are highlighted in the text, and when clicking on them, you will be shown all other Suttas where they occur.
  • It makes it easy to jump between different Suttas without losing focus of what one has been studying, which is especially important for long Suttas.
  • It is able to show a trilingual view.

Voice’s strengths, things that Dhammaregen can’t do:

  • Dhammaregen can’t generate its own audio, it goes to borrow audio from Voice.
  • Dhammaregen can’t search for free text. If a user enters an search string that is not a Sutta ID nor a term from the examples list, they are redirected to Voice.

@karl_lew, please add what I may have forgotten.

So this is a bit of an outlook for the future.

The current release is mainly catching up with all additions and revisions that have been made to the examples lists, so this is again up-to-date. It also fixes a bug that has come about by the fact that for some Suttas there are now more than one segmented translations in one language.


Ayya Sabbamitta, thank you for updating Voice to v2.19.

This update includes ongoing security fixes. Even if we add no new features, security holes are constantly being found and patched by the broader community. Voice depends on the work of many others, and those dependencies do keep changing.

As Ayya Sabbamitta mentions, we are hoping to integrate the work done on EBT-Sites (e.g., Dhammaregen) with Voice. We are also trying to integrate our work and processes more with the SuttaCentral development effort for development continuity. These efforts will take time and we’ll keep you posted as we change things.


We just released another update, Voice v2.22. This update fixes a bug for the download function. You should now again be able to download your favorite Sutta for offline listening.

Please let us know if you find any problems.

Thanks @karl_lew for finding and fixing the problem. :pray: