Relinquishing the Moderators Badge

Dear Forum Friends,

Relinquishment is part of the Path, and the time has come for me to relinquish the moderator badge. moderation-viveka :sweat_smile: :smiley:

It has been an honour and privilege to work with my fellow Mods over the years @Aminah, Nadine, Gillian, Erik and Timothy, and together with Bhante @sujato , on this wonderful project and Dhamma resource.

I keep on saying that Moderation is a rich field for practice, it brings so many things into focus. One thing is for sure, that if you are looking for a calm, deep and still forest pool - moderation isn’t it. The forum is a ‘place’ where the conditions are such that there is constant turbulence. It is a perfect environment for observing D.O. due to conditions. Some moderation decisions may seem arbitrary, and indeed some are, but they are all driven by the SC Forum team’s desire to have a place to learn about and discuss the Words of the Buddha, where ALL PEOPLE are welcome… It is this aim, and this intention, that directs choices, in order to incline posting behaviour toward tolerance and kindness - in spite of the prevailing conditions on the internet.

It requires greater discipline and restraint in order to follow the Buddhas guidelines regarding Right Speech, both for the Mods to continually encourage this, and for members to abide by this. It is my sincere hope that, on balance, this has been evident and that there has been an overall positive effect and benefit to the community.

Apologies if this appears to be quite serious, but if there is one single message that I would like to impart upon leaving the Mod role, it is that over the 2.5 years I have spent here, I have come to see that kindness to the ‘community’ trumps individual views and freedom of expression every time… :slight_smile:
Kindfulness, one on one, and towards the whole :dharmawheel: :revolving_hearts:

Thankyou for having given me this opportunity to serve the community, and if I have said or done anything to hurt anyone, I am sincerely sorry for it, and ask for your forgiveness.

Hehehe – how light it now feels! :balloon:

May you all be liberated and free from suffering!!!

PS. My Moderator badge will disappear in the next few days, so please don’t tag me personally for any mod business but rather use the tag @moderators or your request may not be seen :pray:


Hi Viveka,

I hope you’ll fully relish the ‘still forest pool’ of ordinary membership.

Thanks and anumodanā for all your years of service on the mod squad.



Dear Viveka,

My deepest gratitude for your selfless service🙏

Silti metta sveicieni no karstas, karstas Rīgas :yellow_heart:


Quote from The Long Riders:

Frank James : [gazing at Wilhelmina across a crowded dance floor] I got a question for you.

Clell Miller : Fire away, Frank. Fire away and fall back.

Frank James : You ever been in love?

Clell Miller : Oh God, yes. It was terrible. An affliction. Really miserable. Nothing but trouble. Drove me crazy.

Frank James : That bad? Really?

Clell Miller : Yes. She was wonderful.

And in Buddhism …

  1. Viveka Sutta. An admonition spoken by a deva on seeing a monk in a forest tract of Kosala indulging in wrong and evil thoughts.

  2. Viveka Sutta. Sariputta tells Ananda, in answer to his questions that the clearness of his senses and the agreeable colour of his face are due to the fact that he had passed the siesta in Andhavana, aloof from passions and from evil things.

And Rumi …

A stone I died

A stone I died and rose again a plant;
A plant I died and rose an animal;
I died an animal and was born a man.
Why should I fear? What have I lost by death?

From my mother and little me … :anjal:


Praise be! A most noble undertaking! :smiley:

Thanks for all you’ve given and wishing you much sublime happiness in your onwards journey.



:slight_smile: May you have every good thing leading towards peace and freedom. Thank you :pray:


Thanks for your consistent, gentle, and generous moderation these last couple years.

And now that you’re no longer posting in moderation, I hope that this means you’ll soon be posting in excess??! :grin: :laughing:


Thanks for your 2.5 years of patient and prolific work. Your explanations to me in messages have been much appreciated.


Dear Viveka,

Thank you very much for your service. I’ve always admired the gentleness and skillfulness of your posts both as a moderator and a user :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again! :pray:


Thanks for the effort in discipline. All the best on the Path


May the love, compassion, rejoicing and equanimity you’ve always demonstrated be without end. Your guidance and vision have been instrumental in making D&D the welcoming home it is today. :pray: :heart::pray: :heart::pray: :heart:

We do, however, expect more posts from you–immoderately more! :smiley:


Dear Freinds - WOW :anjal:

I’m blown away by your comments - Thank you :pray:

One thing is for sure though - no-one can be a MOD alone, and the team work is everything, so I share all these kind wishes and thanks with the whole Mod Squad, @Gillian, @Nadine and @Erika_ODonnell for these wishes are the result of OUR effort together.


I’m saying nothing because I am lacking words, as happens sometimes—but I am with you! :heart:


Thank you Viveka for your outstanding moderation service. :anjal: I was always very impressed and inspiried by extraordinary patience and kindness in your posts, which were great examples of right speech. :anjal: :slight_smile: I’m also very grateful for all your helpful support I’ve received in PMs.

I suppose being a mod on such a high-standard forum is a lot of work, so I’m happy for your relinquishment. I wish that your mind become like a calm, deep & still forest pool where you can find enlightenment. :lotus: :thaibuddha: :lotus: I hope that merit you’ve gained through service will come back to you in your meditations.

With Metta! :heart:


Just saw this post. Thank you for your tireless effort in making this forum a place where everyone is thought of and cared for, especially the silent majority. May the merit you have accumulated, and the peace of moderation retirement bring you much joy and benefit. :pray: :heart: