Remove sujato as author from Vinaya


@vimala, I just noticed a bug in the metadata code for the English Vinaya translation, at least in the old HTML version. It puts my name in an “author” tag, and hence it gets pulled out and displayed as the translator along with Horner and Brahmali. Not sure if this is a problem on the segmented texts, but in any case, it would be best to simply remove the “author” span from my name on all Vinaya texts. Can I leave this with you?


Sure, will do. Your name has always been on there (see old website) but will be happy to remove it.
The segmented files have only been made for the Bhikkhu Vibhanga PJ1 - PC30 and no further.


Thanks, yes I must have done this by mistake in the original markup.


Done now so pull the latest load-data and you should have it.


Thanks, that’s fixed. The same problem recurs, I just noticed, with


Again, John Nishinaga is just the file-preparer, and shouldn’t be listed as translator/author. I’m wondering how widespread this problem is …


Yup, it says <meta author="နေမျိုးဝင်း, John Nishinaga">. If that was added in the meta tag, so it is. I will remove it for those files but yes, there might be more.