Replies history in Profile

is there a limitation set on the remoteness of the earliest reply saved in the history? my replies history goes only as far back as May 17 this year, it seems the history was more rangy when i checked it previously

Not so far as i know. I’ve checked in the settings and there’s no mention of such a thing. If we can confirm the details it should be a bug to be investigated.

is there something to be done on my part in this respect?

Okay, well I had a look and you’re right, under “replies” it only goes back a certain distance, and there’s no way to see further, not that I can find anyway.

The replies haven’t gone anywhere, you can easily find further back just by searching your user name. Is there anything you need that can’t be found by doing this?

I still can’t find anything in the Admin interface that addresses this. But there’s lots of settings! If you want to take it further, may I suggest you ask the question on

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

actually it applies to all profiles here not just mine, so it appears there’s been a change in the way history is handled in the Profile

the search by a user name unfortunately doesn’t do it as it only yields posts where the name is mentioned, not the actual posts by that user

thanks for the suggestion, i’ll consider it

at the same time i looked at the Discourse dev’s profile at and his history appears to retain all his replies, so on their main site this feature functions correctly

could there be some setting on the backend which needs tweaking for SC Discourse?


My mistake. However, you can see your replies searching user:lxndr. This and other flags for search are found under “options” in the search dialogue.

Indeed, this is what I would expect.

Well, something’s different, but I don’t know what it could be. We haven’t made many changes, just some tweaks to style and the integration with SC, neither of which would seem to affect this. Pretty much all the settings are at the defaults. Having said which, something is doing it!

this is the feedback i received on the Support forum, in fact i can replicate this error message in my Chrome DevTools console

can and will it be fixed?

excellent, thanks, @blake can you fix this?

This problem should be fixed now.


excellent, much appreciated