'Reply as linked topic' option gone?

sorry, i seem to be caught up in ‘that’ user streak

i can’t find the said option any longer, is the team aware of its disappearance or whereabouts?

Please continue to be “that” user!

Surprisingly, this is something that we didn’t break—yay us! There’s a long and involved discussion on the Discourse forums, if you’re so inclined. Amazing how much goes into such tiny details!

But I found something new. You can select a reply in a given thread by hitting “j”, then “t” gives you reply as new topic.

i tried to browse that forum but failed to find explanation or solution, so thank you for that

and additionally one may use “k” to go through replies in an ascending direction, because “j” is only good for descending and letting a user get stuck at the bottom

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You’re welcome. Any time!

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in case anyone is as curious to know as i was

the discussed option is available among post sharing options accessible by a click on the date at the upper right-hand corner of a post


One can also access the ‘Reply as linked topic’ option after clicking on the “Reply” button and then clicking on the arrow to the left of the username in the text editor window.