Repulsiveness of food paragraph erroneously in SN 46.70 to SN 46.76?

SN 46.70 (Distase for all the world)
SN 46.71 (Impermanence)
SN 46.72 (Ill)
SN 46.73 (Not-self)
SN 46.74 (Abandoning)
SN 46.75 (Dispassion)
SN 46.76 (Cessation)

These suttas each have 10 instances of the following:

“Monks, the [distaste for all the world/impermanence/…] if cultivated and made much of, is of great fruit and great profit.

And how cultivated and made much of is the idea of the repulsiveness of food of great fruit and great profit?

I.e. there are 10 instances in each sutta where a following paragraph refers to the repulsivness of food instead of the topic of the sutta.

It seems that a paragraph from SN 46.69 (Repulsivness of food) has somehow gotten copied into these similarly structured suttas.

With metta :slight_smile:


Thank you for spotting this. It looks like this is also in the originals at
Venerable @Brother_Joe, would you mind having a look? Thank you!


Hi Erik and Sister Vimala

Thanks for pointing that out. This seems to have happened in cutting and pasting. The suttas SN 46.69 through to SN 46.75 only appear in our Pali text as one line, e.g.

Saṃyutta Nikāya 46
8. Nirodhavagga
69. Āhāre­paṭi­kūla­sutta
“Āhāre paṭikūlasaññā, bhikkhave … pe … tatiyaṃ.

‘pe’ equating to our ‘etc’, ‘and so on’ or ‘as above’.

In the English, the details would have been filled in by some editor for the English text, e.g. at

FL Woodward himself only gave the one line translation, following the Pali

Bhikkhu Bodhi (2000) also has one line for suttas 67-75, following the Pali.

Those repetitive suttas, I obviously did not read, when I was formatting them, but just followed the source English text at :slight_smile:

I’ll correct my version and send it to Sister Vimala to re-upload.

Best wishes


Thank you so much @Brother_Joe. I’ve uploaded for the new website only so it will not be visible yet but soon!

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No problem. My Dhammic pleasure. :slight_smile: Thanks for that too.