Request dictionary entry for pahitatta



The word “pahitatta” is fairly common, but does not appear in the Concise Pali English Dictionary or the New Concise Pali English Dictionary. It seems to be formed from “pahita” plus the suffix “tta”. There is an definition for “pahitatta” under the (oddly spelled?) headword “pahtta” in the Pali English Dictionary, but that headword is not found in the SuttaCentral dictionaries.



Good suggestion, thanks. I’ve added this entry to our updated NCPED.

It seems it is a compound, not with the abstract ending, but with attā, so the Sanskrit form is pahitātman.

Pahita is not the same as the pahita in the old CPED, which has a different root and meaning. Here it is past participle of padahati “to strive”, so the compound would have the literal sense of “self determined”.


Thanks, Bhante.

I find a Sanskrit be prahitātman that fits.