Request for Textural Source

A good few years back I came across a quote from the Pali texts. It began with the line “All things are Dukkha” and ended with the line, “All things terminate in Nibbana”. Several, maybe half-a-dozen intermediate lines were progressing from the first assertion to the end assertion. Can anyone find the source text? Much appreciated.

Hmmm… :thinking: SN 46.130 maybe?


Is it this list?:

suffering (dukkha ) ➔
faith/confidence (saddhā ) ➔
gladness (pāmojja ) ➔
joy (pīti ) ➔
tranquillity (passaddhi ) ➔
happiness (sukha ) ➔
unification of mind (samādhi ) ➔
knowledge and vision according to reality (yathā-bhūta-ñāṇa-dassana ) ➔
repulsion (nibbidā ) ➔
dispassion (virāga ) ➔
liberation (vimutti ) ➔
knowledge that you are liberated (khaye ñāṇaṁ )

In which case @Brahmali gives a good overview with references here:

But that last line:

sounds a bit like the end of:

“‘Friends, (1) all things are rooted in desire. (2) They come into being through attention. (3) They originate from contact. (4) They converge upon feeling. (5) They are headed by concentration. (6) Mindfulness exercises authority over them. (7) Wisdom is their supervisor. (8) Liberation is their core. (9) They culminate in the deathless. (10) Their consummation is nibbāna.’



I think it’s from AN 10.58.

You can also see inside this following book at page 140/194:
Catastrophe Apostrophe.pdf (7.1 MB)

  1. Rooted in interest are all things,
  2. Born of attention are all things,
  3. Arising from contact are all things,
  4. Diverging into (converging onto) feelings are all things,
  5. Headed by concentration are all things,
  6. Dominated by mindfulness are all things,
  7. Surmounted by wisdom are all things,
  8. Yielding deliverance as their essence are all things,
  9. Merging in the Deathless are all things,
  10. Terminating in Nibbāna are all things.

Edit: @stu has also mentioned AN 10.58 before me few minutes :smiley: