Request to expand the undo window on D&D

Dear @moderators:

I’d like to request that our Discourse post undo action window mins be extended from the default 10 to as long as possible — at least a couple days.

There are times I flag or like a post and then after some consideration wish to withdraw that gut reaction, and it’s frustrating that the new version of Discourse (by default) doesn’t allow for changes of :heart:

Thank you for the consideration.


Discourse software comes with ‘sensible defaults’ out of the box, and I like to keep as many of them as possible right there.

There are good reasons behind every setting (and some might not be immediately apparent to a kind and considerate user like yourself :wink:), and therefore unless there’s an overwhelming demand and a real issue to be fixed I tend to favour defaults.

There can be an issue when someone likes a post, and the author later edits the post to the complete opposite, but there are other measures in the background that prevent this kind of behaviour for less trusted users (more seasoned users rarely abuse this anyway, and if they do they get penalised rather quickly). In such cases one can always either respond to the edited post or flag the edited post, if it proves to be against the TOS.

Giving a :heart: also doesn’t mean that one completely agrees with the entirety of the content, and therefore it merely indicates our intention to acknowledge the good parts of the post, or even just the appropriate tone of the response at the time we read it.

Regarding flagging, just trust your gut feeling. If it feels wrong, it probably is, so flag it.

In this way we, the community, take our part in moderating the content of the forum and lessen the burden for our amazing moderators team :heart_eyes:.

And if you want to remove the flag you can always flag the post again with ‘something else’ and ask moderators to dismiss the previous flag, or contact moderators via PM.

By being more thoughtful of our actions, when we perform them, we also care for our moderators, because every unnecessary reversal of our previous action is just another task they have to deal with.


You can pretty effectively grief people by liking and un-liking forever. You could also get mad at someone and rage-unlike all their posts.

Yeah, when I was a product engineer at Facebook we also had to deal with this. We implemented rate limiting on “unliking” to prevent these scenarios, which I still believe is the right solution.

Predicting the future is impossible, regardless of our “thoughtfulness.” Such a stance just makes me reticent to “like” anything but the most innocuous content, lest I come to regret my endorsement later.

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I don’t see :heart: as an endorsement but rather as a form of giving. If it was given with good intentions and after a careful consideration, then whatever the recipient does with our gift is their choice.

And if we ever make a mistake, we can always forgive ourselves :hugs: and then do our best to fix it and do better next time.

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If a :heart: is a gift, then when can it ever be a “mistake”?


I love/hate the likes…

The love side; I use them a lot, thinking of them, as Musiko suggests, as ‘a gift’. They help spread the metta, and make people feel good.

The hate side; I think of them as little pink Sankhara Bombs :rofl: I can’t count the hours wasted on this.