Research question: How to contact Rodney Bucknell?

This citation appears in at least two book/article bibliographies (by Martin Stuart Fox and Leigh Brasington):

“Bucknell “Importance of Pali/Chinese Comparisons in Studies of Early Buddhist Doctrine” 9th annual conference of Australian Assoc for the Study of Religions, Canberra, August 1994.”

But the article doesn’t show up in google searches, or through that Australian Assoc. (Nor has one of those authors actually ever seen it).

I’ve seen Rodney Bucknell’s name associated with SuttaCentral, so trying here to see if that article is obtainable.

Also interested in perhaps asking him if he still holds to the belief system outlined in the 1993 paper on “Reinterpreting the Jhanas”, and if any more recent research or elaboration on that theory?

Chris Macie

There was a reply to this request. I did “reply” to that message (to to express thanks , but it apparently “bounced”:
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So sending “thanks” here.